Bountiful Junior High, following the Davis Learns Together plan from the district, is taking the following steps for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • Shortened passing period: The passing period has been shortened by two minutes to allow less time for students to congregate in the hallways. 
  • Lockers will not be assigned: Students will be allowed to take their backpacks to each class to accommodate the shorter passing period. If a students needs a locker they can request one with Mrs. Ashby in the front office.
  • Sanitization stations: Students will be required to sanitize when entering and exiting the building and each classroom.
  • Sanitizing during each class: At the end of each class period there will be a two minute sanitization period. Students will be sanitizing their desks and any resources used during the class period.
  • Optimizing class sizes: Additional sections of certain classes have been added to help reduce class sizes.
  • Classroom arrangement: each classroom has been evaluated and unnecessary furniture has been removed to help facilitate physical distancing. 


The District's comprehensive plan to safely open schools in the fall during COVID-19 pandemic can be found at the following link:

Davis Learns Together