What are CCR's?


A CCR is a College and Career Readiness Plan. We like to meet with each student and their parent at least one time every school year. The meetings last about 30 minutes. In general, we look at how the student is doing academically, emotionally and socially. We evaluate and set new goals to keep the student moving forward toward their life goals. We celebrate each student's unique contributions to our school and community. You will receive an email with directions on how to set up an appointment through the my.dsd system. If there is not a date and/or time that will not work for you, please call the counseling office at (801) 402-6007 to schedule a convenient time. It is our goal to meet with as many parents as we can.

7th Grade CCR

7th grade CCRs take place in September and October. We meet with the 7th graders first so we can check in with them and see how the transition from elementary school to junior high is going.  7th grade CCR's occur in a group setting.  We will introduce YouScience, a website to explore careers and aptitudes.  We will introduce 7th graders to Jr. High.  Any 7th grade parent who would like an individual CCR for their student may request one.  Simply call the counseling office 801-402-6007.  The end of September is a great time to make this happen.

8th Grade CCR

8th grade group CCRs take place in March / April.   We meet individually with parents and student in the counselors office.  During this time we will discuss:

  • 4 year plan for high school.
  • evaluate goals and grades.
  • set new goals.
  • review interest inventories and career surveys completed through You Science. 

9th Grade CCR

9th grade CCRs take place in December / January.  We like to meet individually with students and parents at this time so students are ready for high school registration which occurs in February. 
We look over the student's grades and credits.

  • review and set goals.
  • discuss career choices and courses that support those career choices.
  • begin discussing college requirements.
  • share web sites that are helpful in choosing a college.
  • We have information on different programs that might lead to scholarship opportunities.

This CCR is a critical meeting to ensure students are on track for their sophomore year of high school.

To Review before your CCR

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