Student Body Officers


COngratulations to our new student government officers for the 2023-2024 school year. Thanks for all that applied. Please fill out the attached form and print and return the contract when you come for jacket fittings on the 18th of April at 3:15.


7th grade president – Esly Rodabough

7th grade vice president – Henry Muranaka

7th grade major – Jayden Furlong

7th grade captain – Jennetta Jensen

7th grade officer – Mckynlee Nielson

7th grade officer – William Morrell


8th grade president – Brielle Jessop

8th grade vice president – Lindsey Davis

8th grade major – Emersyn Blackburn


9th grade president – Demi Schatzman


SBO president – Grace Hill

SBO vice president – Finley Hansen

SBO Contract 2024