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bountiful jr exterior
Bountiful Jr High before it was remodeled

Principal's Information

Name: Kathryn Ashton

Phone Number: 801-402-6000

Email: kashton@dsdmail.net

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Ancora imparo” is an Italian phrase meaning “Yet, I am learning.” It is often attributed to the great Renaissance genius, Michelangelo, supposedly observed by him at the age of 87.

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What's Happening at Bountiful Jr



Assessment Improvement Incentives

Throughout the year students will be monitoring their own progress, documenting assessment scores as they occur, and will be given rewards for improvement. All students that have earned an academic/assessment improvement award will earn a small treat; and at the end of each month, all students that have earned an academic/assessment improvement award will have their names put in a drawing for FIIZ gift cards and an IPOD!

soldier and kids

A reminder that mistakes are a learning curve, that every first, second, third....time provides opportunity for improvement, that you are always ancora imparo.Urban Dictionary

Bountiful Jr High By The Numbers

615 Student enrollment

3.14 School-wide grade point average

80.6% Percent of BJH AP students with scores of 3+

3 New teachers joining our BJH family

80% Percent of Bountiful Junior students that will attend Viewmont High School