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Bountiful Jr High before it was remodeled
 Teacher Of The Year - Kasey Bradbury
Teacher Of The Year - Kasey Bradbury

Congratulations to our wonderful choir teacher, Kasey Bradbury

Ancora imparo” is an Italian phrase meaning “Yet, I am learning.” It is often attributed to the great Renaissance genius, Michelangelo, supposedly observed by him at the age of 87.

Bountiful Jr High By The Numbers

615 Student enrollment

3.14 School-wide grade point average

80.6% Percent of BJH AP students with scores of 3+

3 New teachers joining our BJH family

80% Percent of Bountiful Junior students that will attend Viewmont High School

A reminder that mistakes are a learning curve, that every first, second, third....time provides opportunity for improvement, that you are always ancora imparo.Urban Dictionary